I love helping clients reach peace of mind about the protection

of their wealth and transition to the next generation


I have over 10 years of experience working in law with accountants and financial planners, specialising in estate planning, tax, asset protection, business succession, trusts and super.

I spent a large part of my career at a firm called McCullough Robertson. and in 2014 I co-founded a law firm called View Legal – a boutique firm which specialises in supporting accountants, financial planners and other lawyers to become their clients trusted adviser.

I am currently enjoying the wonderful lifestyle benefits of being based at the Gold Coast, and I work predominantly in the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW regions. As a location independent lawyer, I embrace technology to assist clients all over Australia.

To this end, I am passionate about exploring innovations in the legal industry, particularly in relation to using technology and value pricing to provide quality solutions and price certainty for clients.

I am a fellow of the Tax Institute and a published author in Australia’s leading monthly tax journal, Thompson Reuter’s Weekly tax Bulletin.

Aside from my legal interests, I spend my spare time practicing yoga, learning to surf, water skiing, travelling and catching up with friends and family over delicious food.



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